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Phantasy Star Online

Welcome to SurabayaGamers Phantasy Star Online
First, we will introduce the game Phantasy Star Online
Genre combination of Sci-Fi and Role Play Gaming
that you will adventure for a new challenge,
fight with monster, or meet a new friends.
Enjoy your time to play at our server.


First of all to play,
You need to register a new account at User Control Panel that in signup or register page. If you have already register, you can login with your username and password to the game


If you encounter a hacker, Crasher, or you get unpleasant treatment or no BreakRules please report it to staff SurabayaGamers Roleplay through the forum by the way your posts in thread report accompanying the report with sufficient evidence. We are not responsible for what you have experienced during the action is not known by staff SurabayaGamers directly or with strong evidence.
Thank you.

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